Life is growth. If we stop growing, technically and spiritually, we are as good as dead.” ―Morihei Ueshiba 

  • This question is to be arised by every person in this world to themselves, but why? Why do we have to do this, is it necessary that each one of us should have a purpose in their life to live? Why should we know that where do we have to reach? Why is it so?
  • We people do not know that there is a treasure house within us which can do wonders in our lives, and you can find it on your own that for what are you going to live?
  • Many people in this world are unknown to the fact that you can achieve whatever you want to by training your own mind. The main point here is you may or may not know what to do but you know how to find it, just sit by your chair lean back relax yourselves, close your eyes and think that what is that one purpose you want to live for, you are passionate for and for what you crave to get. Ask yourself that what is that one reason you are ready to give up all your comfort and luxury for? surely your mind will give you an answer.
  • Try to make a better world from your work, not only purpose is required in your life, you need to build a personality of yourselves which is humble, kind, positive and has the need to serve the society.
  • These things are really important in your live and moreover try to live happily, because staying in a dilemma which gives you negative vibrations will give no good to you, it will just hurt other people or you just harm yourselves.
  • It is not necessary that if you don’t have a great job or work to do you are supposed to be sad and anxious, be a person who finds happiness in every small thing, be a person who doesn’t only want work for his/her life but the one who creates and gives happiness no matter in which situation you are in.
  • Once you know what to do, try to make a positive atmosphere around you, have a purpose which serves the society and if you get successful don’t be arrogant or an aggressive person, be a humble person and even if you are not able to achieve what you want, don’t get sad or demotivated, be the person to stand up again and try until you get it and lastly- “Happiness doesn’t come around you so don’t wait for it, create your own happiness and live with it.”

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