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  • In this time period we have seen that how much of competition and the urge to get money has grown, no one has the time to breathe, we just want to run and achieve our goals so soon that we miss the best moments of our lives.

  • Aiming to achieve something is good, but overdoing it is bad. Everyone of us must have a purpose to serve in our lives but that doesn’t mean that you forget everything else, remember that achieving something is just a part of our life but forgetting how to live, how to give time to our family and friends will not give you anything.

  • There are some of the things which we need to take out from our lives and those are the negative thinking and the past which we live in. As A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said- “If you live in the past you’re just paying the rent twice.”

  • Living in the past is something which eats you up and it makes us miss all the wonderful opportunities and the happy moments which we have in our lives currently.

  • What can inspire us to live better? Maybe you don’t have a job, maybe the situation in your family makes you depressed, maybe you have seen the situations which made you negative but have you ever tried to get a solution for it? Have you ever thought that how can I live with this? The only solution is to inspire yourself, find a role model and fit them in your mind, just think that if they can, you can too.

  • Change your mindset because “Life is too short to live.” You never know what can happen because it is uncertain, even the richest man on earth was the son of a woodpecker, he did not know that he would do this and that is because he inspired himself to do something and never gave up on anything.

  • There are some moments of your life where you do not know that what can you do to change your life, it is simple, just imagine a bird inside a cage, he doesn’t know if he will ever get the freedom to go and fly but still hopes for it, and when he sees a chance to get out he doesn’t see anything instead he just goes for it.

  • We do not know that by just running and seeking for something will give us happiness, maybe you’re happy when you get the dream job you want, you’re happy when you get married or have a child or get an award, these happiness do not last for a long term.

  • You can only be happy when you have your inner peace, not everything can be given to you nor you should wait for it. Similarly if you see an opportunity to flourish your life go for it but don’t make it your life.

  • A classic example would be that a lady saw a farmer singing and dancing everyday, she asked him one day that what is the reason for your happiness? He replied that I bless my family, crops and cattle and I’m thankful for god for the beautiful harvest. You choose your own happiness and it doesn’t matter if have a job or you’re successful or not, it is just the ability to accept the truth, move on and make a better life and a better world.

  • Just thinking about the past, feeling guilty, having resentment on someone or overthinking will not help you, you must have the courage to come forward change your habitual thinking so that you feel that living the whole life was maybe a struggle but I made myself happy, had my memories to cherish and was never guilty to make mistakes. After all life is a roller coaster which has it’s own ups and downs, but it is all about how we think, feel and how we choose for it be, good or bad? Think about it.

2 thoughts on “HOW CAN WE LIVE BETTER???

  1. Great inspiration thoughts. In life to be positive and accept all situations is very important. All the best. Keep it up


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