• “Talk to yourself once in a day…. Otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world.”- Swami vivekananda.

  • Why is it considered that talking to yourself is nothing but madness. No, it’s not true I don’t believe that because there are a lot of situations where we listen to our heart or gut feeling.

  • Our instincts that is our inner voice speaks a lot about us, once in your life try to build a habit that after one whole day of spending your energy, sit down still and calm, close your eyes and re-imagine your whole day, talk to yourself in your mind what are the mistakes you’ve done and rectify them, what are the great things you’ve done and cherish them. Try this and you will see how many changes you bring in your life.

  • Let’s here a story about a saint and a normal person with problems in his life, they once had a conversation together and after the conversation the man understood that he was doing something wrong in his life.

  • Once a man was passing by a silent street covered with greenery back home from work. He saw a saint meditating with a beautiful smile on his face as if he had all the happiness in his life and no sorrow, he was curious to know that how can a man be so happy?

  • He sat down beside the saint and asked him what was the secret of his happiness? The saint smiled and asked what was the mystery behind this smiling face? The man got silent for a minute, he then asked that what magic trick can we apply to solve our problems? The saint told that the magic trick is “YOU”.

  • The man got confused and the saint continued- there is no such thing related to you which one cannot solve. Whenever or wherever there is something which you are not able to solve, just close your eyes and go to the flashback and ask yourselves that what is the problem? Is it you or some other source, by sometime you will get an answer because your soul never lies. After listening to this a few hours later he applied this trick and within minutes he got a solution to his problem.

  • Talking to yourself is like a therapy you give to yourself, you get better in every way because you know how to solve your problems in such a way that you do not have any guilt.

  • I am not telling that this is 100% successful, there are some decisions which are meant to be taken even if you don’t want to but having this as a habit can solve many problems. Afterall there is no problem without a solution, it’s just the way you find it, but remember that if you’re on a wrong path no matter what, you will never get successful in any way.

  • There are times you will think you are not getting an answer, but there is a thing called destiny . If you’re true enough to accept the truth and tell yourselves your own mistakes or problems you will always get a way.

  • You know as they say “where there is a will there is a way.” If you’re reading this and you want to go forward, talk to yourself and have the courage to ask yourself if you’re going wrong and rectify it, and just think what will be the results if you are true to yourself?

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