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  • Why do we feel sometimes that when we try to tell something important to someone they won’t listen to us, or the won’t feel that how bad it is for you? This thinking has to be improved, we need to start thinking a bit more practically than being an emotional person because in this fast growing world we need to understand that not many people are going to understand your feelings, it’s confusing right?

  • For example you belong to a family where they do not respect your dreams or make fun of it, there you need to think that there is no point in explaining or showing your passion because it will all go in vain, in today’s generation we cannot make people understand or explain, the thing we can do is prove it to them but how?

  • By proving I mean to tell you that some feelings and emotions have so much of weight that you literally have to “SPILL IT OUT”. There is this negative thinking that by telling the truth out it will ruin your bonding with the other person or will spoil the relations you have with your family.

  • No, there is some point where you have to take your own stand, you need to sometimes cross your line of your gratitude to express your feelings because then they will listen to you, now many people will think that all I have to do is rebel, no, that’s not right you need to understand that by only reacting you will only make things worse, have some patience, I understand that being in that position is way too tough but take it positively think that by taking things slowly it will benefit your life.

  • All you have to do after you spill your feelings out is tell them that you care about everything, your family, your current life and ask them that is it too bad for me to give it a try even once? Make sure that even if you hurt anyone you find a way to apologise to them and talk to them maybe they will help you or give you a chance to fulfill your dreams.

  • Even if you fail to explain them remember that “A CHANCE IS ALWAYS SECOND LAST, NOT THE LAST ONE.”

  • There is no harm in taking your stand if you feel that you’re family is too strict or if you feel that they won’t understand just think that whatsoever it maybe they are your loved ones and they love you, it is just the communication gap which doesn’t make you realize that they care for you , no matter what they will always be with you and you should also understand that unless you talk to them you won’t know what is in their mind and they won’t know what you feel, so talk it out and believe that you can do it and it’s okay if the times were bad, you can always make things right if you are willing to do it, remember that even a simple conversation can change your life and there can be ups and downs it’s just that you should have the courage to not give up on what you want. “BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO START A CONVERSATION THAT MATTERS.”

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