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  • What do you think when I tell you to remove your mental blocks?

  • By removing your mental blocks I mean to tell you that you need to find the problem inside you which is keeping you away from the happy life you want. Every problem has a solution and on the contrary the solution also lies within the problem, but the point is how do you solve it?

  • The mental blocks you have in your mind maybe related to your past,present or future, however your situation is average, bad or worse it is important that we do not let them hinder our present and future.

  • These problems also relate to your thinking, what do you think about yourself and how is your mental picture about those problems. To escape from these problems we find temporary solution to get away from it, for example drinking, punching on the wall, smoking etc. These habits are obviously injurious to our body and health but the urge to do it never goes, so how do we get out of this?

  • Habits are created by us and by our choice, it maybe good or bad. Habits play an important role in our life and the way we create it is completely our choice, I am telling this because if we use drinking or smoking to get away from our problems always then it needs to be improvised first.

  • So imagine that the mental block is your past which was very bad and even if you try to forget it even a simple incident reminds you of what happened, what do you do to get away from this? There can be two consequences here either you choose to drink, maybe become a smoker or you choose to find a solution for it.

  • The other options lead you to a bad addiction can hurt you and your loved ones but a permanent solution can fix it once and for all. We can do something like this, we can create a mental imagination in which you fix your problem, but how?

  • For the above situation where I mentioned that the mental block is your past and in that a person is striving to forget what happened to him/her, it maybe depression or some incident which is unforgettable, these kind of mental blocks maybe difficult to take out but it has to be done.

  • You have to do nothing but relax on your sofa or a chair for 15 minutes day and night and imagine that you are talking to your family or a particular person you want to tell what happened and they can also be a reason for your current situation, visualize that you’ve told everything to them and you’re mind has been lighter than ever, you’re free of all your problems, you’re confident to face anything and all your happiness and peace is back into your life.

  • This can help you to actually face that problem and forward in you’re life you can face anything and most importantly you will have peace of mind and you’ll be a free bird.

  • Problems are the main hurdles in the race of your life, you must build the courage to jump over it and be ready for the next one, the consequences maybe difficult but at least you have a clear mind. A clear mind is as good as the food you have when you’re damn hungry, it tastes good and only a clear mind gives you the real taste of your life, try and feel it and just push yourself to remove it and most importantly believe that you can do it because “Having a clear mind and a clear space allows you to think and act with purpose.”


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