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  • Let me ask this question again to you, what happens after you get inspiration? Before I answer this question I have another question, what is the difference between inspiration and motivation?

  • Inspiration is something where you get mentally stimulated to feel something or to do something creative. And motivation means to push youself to act or do something in a particular way.

  • Now are you thinking that why did I ask this question? That is because many people consider that inspiration and motivation are similar to each other. No, it’s wrong because inspiration happens when you keep something or a person as your role model and have the urge to do something, whereas motivation is something where you push yourself mentally to do something.

  • Most of the people try to imply things in their life but fail to do so and just give up on it, whereas some people try and try until things happen, this can happen to you too so either you let the laziness capture you or you try to defeat your comfort zone and get what you want to.

  • “Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.”- Swami Vivekananda. Our generation has grown way too much into technology that we want everything with just a click.

  • Let me ask you a question- What would happen if there is no technology in our lives in today’s generation? Remember that “to get something, you have to loose something.”

  • So the first thing that you can change is to give up your unhealthy lifestyle that is you have to stop being more of lazy and less of active it should be the other way round, otherwise you’ll always have the mindset to delay things which is not so good.

  • Now from mindset you could improve two things that is keeping your mind fixed and the other one having short-term plans, if you keep your mindset fixed you cannot adjust in every environment, to achieve something you have to be dynamic that is you must be fast enough to adapt changes this is one of the important things to achieve your goal.

  • Successful people have long-term plans because they know that the results won’t match the results of the short-term plans, for example you want to be a CEO of the company and you have a start-up plan and you have all the money to start it but at that point of time you get a great offer from the company and you choose to continue the job it will never let you to reach where you want to.

  • From the above example we learn that the short term plans will never get you the results you want. We also need to stop giving excuses for not doing the job you should be doing because consoling yourself won’t get you there where you want to be, you need to hustle and try to change everything wrong you’ve been doing, nothing will happen by only getting inspired you have to motivate yourself to do your work. That morning 7:00 AM bed maybe really good to sleep but it’s high time to GET UP and start changing your life.

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