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  • “It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality that captures your heart.”- Oscar Wilde.

  • By personality I don’t only mean the outer part it means having gratitude, humbleness, sense of humor(not that necessary).

  • For example you’re going for a fashion interview, the first thing they will do is to check your body language and how presentable you are and for them this will be your first impression and as we all know “first impression is the best impression.”

  • Being on a interview is a task these days, for instance you’re going for an interview and the CEO of the company walks in a classic style and has a great attitude, you will be stunned by looking at him/her and then you suddenly start to judge everything by thinking that am I looking good? Am I overdressed? Will I be able to give an answer with confidence? That’s the point we start judging in our mind without even knowing anything.

  • Building a personality is not only knowing about how to talk or sit or you trying to be someone else, it is something you should build because it helps to achieve you things you want in life.

  • It’s a task where you do things on your own style and try to avoid things which can cost you afterwards, such as short-temperedness, bad tone etc.

  • These things should be improvised because they will become greater blocks between you and your goals, just imagine how bad would it be that you almost cracked a deal and one sentence makes you offensive and you create chaos, no one would like that to happen.

  • Try and build positivity, try being a lion in times of danger. A great communicator and neglecting things are not important the most important thing is to learn how let go with full of gratitude.

  • Be someone who is easily approachable and most importantly be your own kind. Improvising things like these can change your life and because of your nature you may inspire people to be more like you.

  • “Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.” This is as true as you want it to be, everyone wants to be successful in their lives and personality is something which build your reputation, image in front of others.

  • Being successful and not having a good personality is like having food without any salt.

  • Building your own personality can help you earn more respect, because self-respect is something which we all want to earn in our lives and building yourself in a good way helps you achieve that faster.


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