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  • “A man cannot be comfortable without his approval.”- Mark Twain.

  • Acceptance seems to be a very common word used by everyone, in your house your mother would say “accept whatever you get with gratitude” or a teacher would say “accept the truth now so that you may not fail later or a well wisher would say “accept the past and move on with your future because if your eyes are closed in the dark you may not seem to enjoy the adventures of your life.

  • So have you thought what is your version of acceptance? Do you have a habit of accepting things? Well for me it is a simple way to lead my life and that is if I don’t accept my past I will be missing all the beautiful gifts which life has planned for me.

  • Do you ever wonder that why are you not able to be productive or why are you not able to improve in your life?

  • Half of the population in this world have resentment, guilt, criticism because of two things, first is they have no self-love and secondly their environment is too negative.

  • The people who hold on to things suffer the most and living in the past eats their whole body and mind as they don’t have inner peace. The past is something which is gone and things cannot be undone but we can try to change our mindset and let go of things and accept life as it is.

  • Acceptance may seem as a very normal word but it carries heavy feelings. Accepting things is not easy in fact it is the most toughest part of our lives, the grudges we have towards a person, the guilt we have of not doing things in a proper way and most importantly thinking that you’re not good enough makes your life miserable.

  • Now you must be thinking that how can I adapt to things faster to lead a better life? There are three steps for this: 1. forgive 2. forget 3. accept, this looks normal but doing it is way harder for any person in his world, no one is perfect everyone have their own flaws and have made many mistakes but you cannot let your past hold on to you, you need to move on.

  • Before all this we need to remove the negative part within us, your past maybe including comments that “you’re a useless person”, “you do not know how do things, stupid”, “you cannot become anything in your life”, “you don’t deserve ay of this” these kind of negative statements effect people the most, my question to you is do you think that you are any of the comments given above? Now think of something like this that no matter what people tell you, do you believe that you are good enough?

  • Accepting all the comments do you think you can move forward and prove everyone wrong?, this is the kind of acceptance you need in your life.

  • Moving on is okay, but can you forgive the person or yourself for all the past mistakes you’ve done? These questions are to be answered by you, you must have the courage to forgive everything and it doesn’t matter how big it was, only then you can let go of the things and become a stronger person by heart, all I want to tell is please ACCEPT the truth of your life and flow like a river as life goes on without stopping or waiting for anyone, it’s hard and it’s bitter but at -least you stay at peace and with peace we can build wonders in our small world.

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