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  • “Changes are made when you want to see your better self.” I wrote this quote because whenever I have tried to change an old habit of mine is because I could avoid somethings which are bad for me.

  • Now why do I feel the necessity to bring a change in myself? Maybe because I’m a short-tempered person and that habit could effect my life in various ways, I may take bad decisions related to work or I would just shout at another person because someone else ruined my day

  • After sometime when I start to wonder that why are my days going so bad and why are things going down? What is my mistake? All sorts of question arise when you think of creating or leaving a habit you like or dislike, but there is one question we never ask ourselves and this is are you really willing to change?

  • Most of us know what we have to do or practice to take out or create a particular habit, so for example you are thinking to create a habit of growing personally and there are various ways we could do that, we may listen to podcasts or read books or enroll classes to form the habit in your daily life.

  • While we do all of this we feel changes in our mind, body and lifestyle because and there is a vast difference between what you were and what you are right now and yes, there could be different mood swings in your mind, you may get irritated or maybe fail to do somethings which you used to do with a flow.

  • From this you realise that while you are in the process of changing a habit you must accept the negative parts and think of it as a progress because you cannot do it with just expecting that good things will happen to you.

  • Now lets listen to a story on short- temperedness. There is this famous story of buddha where a man was very angry on him because he used to think that he was lecturing and forcing other people to change and the man was asking him that who gave you the rights to do this thing? Buddha smiled and the man got shocked seeing him smile and asked him that why are you smiling, this is not a joke I want an answer.

  • Buddha smiled again and asked him a question that “if you buy a gift for a particular person and he doesn’t accept it, to whom does the gift belong?” The man replied that it belongs to him and then Buddha asked him another question that if you take all of your anger and arrogance on me and I don’t accept it, then to whom does it belong? Now we all know the answer but the question is if you were a person who needs to rectify this habit what would you do?

  • Lets get a solution for this, so here is a small exercise you can do which can help you to rectify your habits. Take a break for a moment and think what is the most recent or old habit you need to change, write it down and then what you do next is, if in future time you come in a situation where you need to avoid a habit which you are changing just close your eyes and repeat that I can control it and I will not do the same mistake, tell it three times in your mind and you will not do it.

  • If you think that it has made you angry then get inside a car with all windows closed and scream or take two pillows, punch them and take it all out. Now we know that a habit takes a practice of 21 days but we are not able to do it, so then what how are we supposed to change this?

  • Well you could do this, if you set a target of 21 days and then the minute you make a mistake punish yourself, by punishing I mean a positive punishment like you won’t eat chocolates that day or you won’t do a particular thing you love to do the most for that day, this was a trick given by my friend and trust me this works. So what are you waiting for, think that on which habit you need to rectify, lastly just a small quote to inspire you –

“Everyone thinks of hanging the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”- Leo Tolstoy.

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