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  • “Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like.”

  • Kindness is an act of gracefulness which makes you a better person everyday, a simple action taken by you can change the lives of many people and nowadays the world is running in a faster pace and we are only focusing on our tests, work, money etc.

  • We’ve forgot to spread happiness around the world and as we all know that “You reap what you sow”, but we are so focused in our activities that unintentionally or intentionally we do not help people in need, the world is going to end some day and we all know you are meant to serve other people in someway.

  • I came up through this video where there was a beggar on the streets requesting everyone to give some money so that he could feed his family, just then came a person and gave him nearly 50 dollars and that man was in tears and after that the giver just went away and the beggar was unaware that he was being recorded but the next thing that beggar did was priceless he went to a grocery store and bought lots of food and drinks and not only did he feed his family but fed more than 3 families because they were also hungry from days.

  • It doesn’t matter how much money you have or whether you are rich or poor you should have a big heart and even though you do not have anything try to help people and life will return you the favour in beautiful ways. Having a big mind and a small heart is as useless having a big mansion but not having people to talk.

  • You have bad days because of the work you have and your boss screaming at you but just imagine if you were in a situation where you did not have anything, how would that look like? This is why you should be thankful for everything you have and cherish the life without complaining.

  • No matter what you’re going through always believe in charity when your country needs you, when your loved ones need you and always believe in helping those people who want to be like you but aren’t able to.

  • If you have knowledge share it with people, if you’re happy make others happy, if you’re successful try to give others job because when you believe in kindness you can inspire others to do the same and as we all know “when you do good things, good things come to you.”

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