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  • “Blaming destiny is a poor out for those who don’t reach their desired destinations.”What do you understand by this? Well it says that the ones who do not reach their destination or where they are meant to be, blame others for their current circumstances.

  • This problem is found in most of us because we blame others most of the time when we are in a bad situation and that eventually creates a negative impact in your mind that you’re are not good enough, life always gets me, the money can never be enough to me, well my question to you is why point out someone else? Why do we cover negative thoughts in our mind? Why do we get jealous?

  • The reason is that we never analyse what we do, we never try to even figure out if it was our mistake because we are so busy blaming others that everything coming to you is wrong. Don’t you think we need to change this?

  • Our brains work in the way we want them to, if we store good things you get good thoughts and vice-versa, in the same way if we think that others are trying to get you down you only get the thoughts of hatred and disguise, whereas when you think that others are trying to help you and it’s okay to fail one or two times you get thoughts that everybody loves you and everything around you is at peace.

  • For example, there was a woman working in a reputed company and was the HOD (head of the department) who is about to get a promotion and she was very happy but due to certain circumstances her boss had to cancel the promotion due to orders given by higher authorities temporarily.

  • The boss called her and told her that she could not get the promotion. She was shocked , she started to lose her clients and every time that happened she blamed someone or the other for her own mistake, because she thought that there was someone else who stole her position and she wasn’t good enough and by seeing her poor results the boss decided to cancel the promotion permanently.

  • Now just imagine if she would have asked her boss that why did her promotion get cancelled suddenly or would just take things positively and tried again she would’ve been just fine but instead she decided on her own that there was something wrong about her and the rest is history? Now who is to blamed for this? Whose mistake was it?

  • I’m not trying to demotivate anyone but this is a fact that everyone needs a change but then they do not want to change, then how can you expect that something good can happen.

  • The point is that we never think about the actual problem but we are ready to pin point others, did you ever think that there were hundreds of mistakes done by you but you never realized this because you were blaming others for your own mistakes.

  • For once if you try to clean your mind just the way you clean your house or rooms probably you can find what kind of garbage you have inside and take it out.

  • For example if something is to be repaired we add some screws and fix it and if there is too much of dust we just clean it, similarly is for the brain and if you do this on a regular basis maybe all your anger, hatred and blame game will stop and you can experience all the love around you.

  • Yes, you can do one thing that if any bad situation occurs or if there was a job which could not be done, you can just point yourself once and ask yourselves that was it my mistake? and then think about others because as Thubten Yeshe said- “When you check your own mind properly, you stop blaming others for your problems.”

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